Friday, April 27, 2012

having a mother who quilts and blogs can be really fun especially
when they let you post on their blog (thanks mom)
my moms posts are awesome but she skips writing about all the cool things I do...
so thats why i have decided to post today and SUPRISE it isn't about quilts

the best place to start is where the fun starts :)
so i will start around pesach time(passover)
while my mom wrote about nice things like cream cheese and Christine i was doing pretty good thing myself

my nephew(donni) flew in for passover on Thursday the day before yom tov and in order to keep him awake we(me and my dad) took him to yad vashem (the Holocaust museum )
we had a really great leil haseder that lasted till 3 o'clock in the morning
on motzei yom tov we went rock climbing under teddy stadium
sunday afterwards we went to machtesh rimon,machtesh rimon is a HUGE crater with colored sand but we didnt go there to dig in the sand we went to go shooting with bows and arrows(super cool)in the scorching hot dessert

and then for the fun of being frightened we went camel riding,yup camel riding
(on the front camel you may observe me and my nephew and on the camel behind my brother-in law and his son)

after that on monday out of pure curiosity or insanity (somtimes they are the same)
we went to mount hermon to see if there was still snow there and there was:
after that we went to a beautiful water fall and the view from there was breathtaking dontcha agree 

on tuesday we were all really really tired
so my dad and my nephew decided to try and take a water-walk in the late afternoon at ein prat
only one problem ein prat was closed so they drove back home,but on the way spotted a tombstone which they assumed was jewish but after thouroughly examining it they came to the conclusion it was an arab tombstone and then came home so i could say i told you not to go
(im always right,well most of the time)
on wensday we went to netaniya to go paragliding but when we got there the weather was horrible so we had to postpone our meeting with death
(note the cloudy skys)
BUT on thursday we headed off to "CALIBER 3" an anti-terror training organization where they taught me and my nephew to shoot a gun and tried to teach me that my father isnt a moving target
(they didnt really manage that)


(me with a gun)

(my nephew with a gun a word to the wise dont go near him when he is holding a gun he is really good at shooting as a matter of fact he is good at pretty much everything he can do like 50 push ups like they are nothing!)

the next sunday we set off to go windsurfing the weather was beautiful the water was warm and the wind wasnt too strong somehow the minute i got on the board the guy knew i was a dancer because i balanced pretty well my nephew of course was pretty good  at windurfing too
after wind surfing we headed to rosh hanikra
my nephew left monday morning really early and i went back to school on tuesday :(
(talk about super anti-climax)
yesterday yom ha'atzmaut i went to the beach with my friends and then grilled when i came home
today i grilled some chicken check it out:

well,i think i managed on filling you in on what i've been up to lately
untill next time



Roxanne said...

Wow! You've packed a lot of activity into one blog post! Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

QuiltinMama said...

Sounds like a wonderful all the pictures!

Quilting Corner said...

Menuka, thanks so much for the pictures. You were doing all the things I would have liked to do. But I'm tooooo old now, so you did them for me. I look forward to your next interesting post.
Ima's friend, Etty

Sara Fiedler said...

Menucha it looks like you had a great time during Pesach. I wonder what your nephew had to say when he got home :).
You appear to be a natural at blogging. I hope this will be just a beginning for YOU. (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)

carla rickman said...

wow seems like you had a very interesting time and you seem to be a wonderful writer perhaps you should look into it
wow just wow