Friday, April 27, 2012

On My Design Floor

Have been having fun with a stack of solid fabrics. In just a couple of hours they were transformed into this:
I was a bit surprised that I went ahead and started a new project.  I already had so many WIPs going on. But as I was working on this one, it came to me that I have developed a new Philosophy of Quilting. And the new philosophy is: it's okay to start as many quilts as I long as I'm using up fabric from the Very Scary Stash.
Not only does this JUSTIFY any spontaneous creative inspiration that might come to me suddenly, it is also completely LIBERATING. It's MY fabric and I can do what I want with it! I don't HAVE to finish anything! I've made quilts for all of my children, 27 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. So anything I do now is GRAVY! FUN! WOOHOO!

Now I'd better get my grandmotherly self back to cleaning up the mess made by this burst of creativity.  
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Sara Fiedler said...

Susan, I agree 100%. It's your fabric to do with in any way you see fit! Enjoy letting those creative juices flow. :)

Quilting Corner said...

Good for you! This is going to be an adorable quilt and it's all yours.
Love it.

Roxanne said...

Susan you have just come into your own. I bestow on you the title of 'True Artist'! And I'm borrowing the term Very Scary Stash.

Christine Bossi said...

That's the spirit Sue! Loving this