Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thanks Etty!

I'm sure my friends just put up with some of my silliness. Like taking pictures of those funny lion sculptures wherever I find them. But sometimes, not only do they put up with me, but they accept and understand my obsessions. Like my obsession with turn circles (or roundabouts, as Christine has taught me they are called in other countries). I thought I had run out of interesting roundabouts, but it turns out that whenever Etty travels and finds one worth photographing she takes a picture of it for me. So I was really pleased when she presented me with four wonderful new pictures.
A harp.
                                                                             A piano. Grand, no less.
                                            A great one depicting the two spies from the Bible, with the large grape cluster suspended between them.
                                And you'll laugh, but this one may be my favorite. Because it's a spiral. And I love spirals!

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