Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Jerusalem Quilt Meeting

Before I started going to the quilt meetings in Beitar, I used to belong to the Jerusalem Quilt Guild. They meet once a month at various members' homes. I haven't been to a meeting of the Jerusalem group in a number of years. So I was really happy when Miriam called to say the meeting was going to be at her house and could I please come.  It was so nice to be with the ladies again and to see all of their amazing quilts. First one up was Shlomit. Shlomit is a real redhead and earth tones are her colors. And look--she brought a Pineapple quilt made all in earth tones!

We now have a real longarm quilter living not far from Jerusalem. Rebekkah does only custom quilting. She quilted Shlomit's Pineapple quilt with large spirals. It came out great.  I sure do love that Seminole border!

I walked around Miriam's house a bit, taking pictures here and there. In the bathroom was this fun Chinese Coins quilt. I think it was covering some storage shelves. What a great idea!

In the bedroom, a scrap Rail Fence. You KNOW how I love scrappy. On the wall about the bed is a little Trip Around the World. It was Miriam's first hand-quilted project.

This beauty was on the wall in the living room. Miriam really has quilts everywhere--on the coffee table, on the end tables, she has curtains in the kitchen that are quilted.  Everywhere you look in her house there is something beautiful.

One of the ladies brought in this quilt--sorry it's a bit fuzzy. Apparently there is a custom of piling stones one on top of another. It's done in many places in the world, for example in India. I don't know the reason for it or the significance, but here is a quilted view of one of those piles of stones.

A new lady in the group, Tamar, brought in the most amazing color-wash quilt. It took many months just to get the fabrics right on this one. I think it's the most stunning color-wash I have seen in my life. It captures the feeling of the houses here, made of a very mellow pinkish/yellowish stone. Very rustic and charming. She said the hardest part was finding the fabrics for the flowers. 
Shula Shavit is an internationally known kitemaker. Many of her kites are based on quilt patterns. The one she's holding looks like a kind of Baby Blocks variation, doesn't it? You would be surprised to learn that it's based on a type of  crystal, I can't remember what the crystal was called. Shula even worked with a Nobel-prize winning chemistry professor on this.

The kite was quite long. It was rolled up at the bottom so we didn't see the entire thing. But you can just imagine.

As I left Miriam's house, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful garden in front of her building.  What really caught my eye was the riot of pansies in boxes all along the wall.  I don't know why, but I love pansies. Their fresh-looking little faces grab me every time!
Hope you enjoyed my little quilt show!

Make it a great day!


Debbie said...

Oops! I forgot about the meeting! Did they make up when and where the next meeting is?

Quilting Corner said...

Thanks for the quilt show. Next time, I'd love to go with you. The quilts were awesome.

Roxanne said...

I think quilters are the most talented people in the world. Thanks for sharing such awesome quilts with us.

Sara Fiedler said...

Susan, thanks for this recap and pictures of the guild meeting. Do they speak English there? If so, I would really like to join you for a meeting sometime. I too, love pansies :)

Fabric artist, Nancy said...

I am a quilter from California coming to visit Jerusalem (family) for 6 weeks Nov-Dec 2014) May I join you at a quilt meeting? And how about any quilt shows in the country; who knows of one or two I might go see?

A friend here, Nava Shaham, told me there is a winter retreat in Israel too. Anyone can fill me in on the dates?

Thanks, Nancy