Friday, July 20, 2012

Some of the kids

Have I shown you pictures of my grandchildren in Houston lately? I just have to share and brag on them a bit.
Here is my little redhead, Chaya, with her baby brother born in May. Baby Yitzy is growing by leaps and bounds. They're in the front yard, lying on Yitzy's baby quilt.
How do you like Chaya's red hair, blue eyes, white shirt, and blue skirt--on that red, white, and blue quilt?  (and guess who made the quilt?)

Yehuda loves sports. I think almost every picture they send me of him shows him holding a ball, kicking a ball, or throwing a ball into a hoop of one type or another.
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Quilting Corner said...

Can life get any better than this? What a beautiful family. Enjoy

Roxanne said...

You are blessed with a quiver full of grandchildren. :)