Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HSTs Revisited

 It's been hot and dry in Jerusalem over the last couple of weeks. Whenever we have to go out to run some errands, we really appreciate coming home to the air conditioned house. In the evenings, my daughter and I sit on the couch, reading and studying for our math tests. (Hers is in geometry and mine in algebra.) Last night Menucha pulled this quilt off the shelf and spread it over her lap. What a sight it was, covered with all her math books and papers!
I made this quilt years ago, and it was nice to see it being used. I was reminded how much I love it. Especially the bright green binding!

Make it a great day, and hope you are cool wherever you are!
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Roxanne said...

If I put a name on this quilt I would call it 'Joyful'...such bright happy colors. I know what you mean about staying in out of the heat. We've had temps mostly in the high 90's for the past 3 weeks and air conditioning is one of those creature comforts I appreciate the most. Stay cool!

Quilting Corner said...

I'm staying cool in the A/C also.
What a lovely quilt. We need to look at and use our quilts more often.