Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What a Coincidence!

 After not seeing my kids in Houston for such a long time, I have made reservations (bought and paid for!) to go to Houston at the end of October.  And this will surprise you...I'm going to be there at the same time as the BIG QUILT FESTIVAL.  What a coincidence!  How on earth did THAT happen?? (big, goofy grin)
I have already pored over the class catalog for weeks now and I think I've picked out the classes I'm interested in. Now I just have to enroll.
Are you planning on being in Houston for the festival?  Will I get to see you there?  I sure do hope so!


Roxanne said...

How awesome! We quilters can't get enough. Take pictures when you get there...lots and lots!

Sara Fiedler said...

YOU have no idea how much you will enjoy your time there :). Sorry I won't be going with you. Reading this post got my juices going but we all have to make choices. Maybe you will want to meet up with my "quilt show friends" when you are there. You'll let me know.