Monday, August 20, 2012

Buffavento Castle

Yes, I know you've been waiting. You want to know if I really climbed up to see that ancient castle way on the top of the mountain. Well, here we go. See that little red car down in the parking area? It's going to look littler and littler as we go up.  
 Luckily there is a path to walk up. Up, up, and up!
Until finally we come to the beginning of the castle.

Do you want to know how high up we are? Look down and you'll see clouds BELOW you.

Here we are at the very peak. Again, looking DOWN at the clouds. Only took an hour to get up here. And then it will take another hour to get down.  This must have been a very beautiful castle in its day. And it was an important strategic stronghold for centuries. The name Buffavento, means "buffeted by the winds", and there sure is a lot of wind up here.  I have to admire the people who were able to brave the heights, and the winds, to create this place.
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Christine @ sew bossi said...

How fun!

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LynCC said...

Hello from Colorado, USA (I found your blog at Quilting Bloggers). What a neat trek. You talk of hiking above the clouds to get to the castle - I can't imagine having to travel up/down/up for living there, let alone carrying the materials up to build it in the first place. I would love to see this. :)