Monday, August 20, 2012

Our First Outing

Ready for a day of adventure?  The three of us pile into our little red vehicle for the trip to Buffavento.
Everywhere we go in Northern Cyprus, there are either mountains or sea in the background.  

Someone was crazy enough to build a restaurant up here in the mountains. Right in the middle of nowhere. We heard from people that it is a great restaurant and people come from all over to eat here.

In front of the restaurant...a lovely wagon, painted in folk art colors and designs.

Across the road from the restaurant, there is a lively little waterfall which cascades down from the mountain. Someone had the great idea of putting a little wheel at the bottom. As the water falls, it turns the wheel!

And finally, our destination. The mountaintop castle of Buffavento. Like all four ancient castles in Cyprus, it was built about a thousand years ago. This is the view from the foot of the mountain. TELL ME we're not going to climb up there. Stay tuned.
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Quilting Corner said...

So beautiful. I love the pictures. I hope you can go back to this lovely place again.

Roxanne said...

I'm following along and can't wait to see what the castle looks like up close. Did you really climb up there? The view from there must be stupendous!