Thursday, August 23, 2012

More scenes from Cyprus

I love the blue paint on doors and windows everywhere in Cyprus. If you look at the bottom of the door, you can see the shoes that were left there by their owner when he went in to the house.
The harbor in Kyrenia is very ancient. I love seeing the water and the mountains in the same picture! 

You can take a full-day trip on a boat like this. Swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, relax, get a great tan.

Nicosia, the capitol of Cyprus, is divided between Greece and Turkey. To get from one part of the city to the other, you have to cross a border and go through passport control. This mosaic tile sign, at one of the border checkpoints in the city, says it all!

In case you thought Cyprus wasn't a civilized place, here is proof that it is!

And the highlight of our trip--as we were speeding down the highway on our way to the airport for our flight home, I caught a glimpse of a little sign that said Haagen-Dazs. We got off at the next exit, turned the car right around, and zoomed in to the Mall of Cyprus, where we found the Haagen-Dazs store. The Mall of Cyprus is ultra-modern, has everything you can find in a mall in the States, and my new favorite ice cream flavor is Creme Brulee!!
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Quilting Corner said...

Great pictures. I would have enjoyed your vacation, but you didn't invite me! HaHa

Roxanne said...

Lovely, lovely scenery. Hey, not fair! We don't have an Ikea store where I live. LOL