Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Quiet Day at Home

On Friday, I brought my husband home from the hospital for the weekend. He's gotten a lot of sleep (it's almost impossible to sleep in the hospital), eaten some good food (which he couldn't taste since he's lost his sense of taste), had several nice hot showers, and been waited on hand and foot. Sounds good, doesn't it? So it was no surprise when he didn't want to go back to the hospital this morning as he was supposed to. Seeing that we were going to be stuck at home for another day of R&R, I set up the quilt frame in the morning and quilted some Baptist Fans. Miss Wednesday came and kept me company.
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Roxanne said...

Haha! It's nice to have a quilting 'buddy' keeping you company, even a furry one. :)

Quilting Corner said...

It's good to have another quiet day at home. Now I hear our quilting friend, Stephanie in Texas had a fall also and will be hopping along for awhile too. What's going on?