Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well, apparently word got out about my out-of-control stash. And all of those rumors, well, they were true. I guess when you have so many scraps, they just start to take over.
I had to go to a meeting last week at an office not far from our local fabric shop. After the meeting, I debated whether to hop on the bus and go check out the fabrics...then I thought better of it. Too much walking, and my broken foot isn't completely better yet. And maybe, just maybe, I have enough fabric at home?  Decided to go home and take a look at what I have. Tidied up a bit, took stock of what I have, and then I started to make the Ultimate Scrap Quilt. Titled "Sunshine", it's a pattern by Karen Griska, whose quilts I love. Karen was the one who brought us the Asterisk Quilt that became so popular in the the quilting world. Her blog is Selvage Quilter. The piano key borders--and there are many of them--are made with 2" x 7" strips. I have two of the borders on already, and a third is ready to go. And two more Sawtooth borders are coming too.  My daughter says it is hideous, more hideous than anything else I've ever done, and she may be right. But this pattern sure does eat up scraps! And there isn't a single fabric in there that I would ever buy again. In fact, I have no idea how I got the majority of the fabrics in this quilt. I would never in my right mind have paid someone for these seriously ugly things. Some of them definitely snuck into my scrap bins during the night!
So here we have it. A new quilt being made entirely from very ugly, very old scraps. Well, from a distance it doesn't look too bad. Or does it?
(As Bonnie Hunter put it the other day on QuiltCam, "No fat quarters were harmed in the making of this quilt.")
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Christine @ sew bossi said...

Busted is right! So many different fabrics. I am just starting to get scraps. Perhaps in a year, I will be making such a quilt myself!

Quilting Corner said...

Wow, you are working up a storm. Good for you.

Roxanne said...

I love scrappy quilts but I have to admit that bright yellow is a bit loud. I like it anyways:) I vow not to buy more fabric but then...the quilt guild comes up with a new project, I have to drive right by JoAnn Fabrics to get to the grocery store, etc. etc. I think my will power flew out the window! LOL