Friday, April 19, 2013

Turning Two

Guess who is having a birthday in May. Our two rescue kitties, Fester and Wednesday. Fester is the cat in the picture. Wednesday looks pretty much just like him. (Their sisters, Morticia and Gomez, don't live with us anymore.) All four of them were found abandoned under a garbage dumpster when they were little tiny things whose eyes hadn't even opened yet. We bottle-fed them every two hours until they were old enough to eat on their own. They have grown up to be very loving cats, and their favorite thing to do is burrow under a quilt when they take their nap.  
Their second favorite thing to do is mess up play with quilt blocks that have been arranged on my design floor. I don't think I've put a quilt together without a mistake since they came to live with us.
But we love them anyway.
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Quiltn Mama said...

He's a beautiful kitty, Susan. I'm allergic to cats so I'll live vicariously through you..LOL!