Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Am really enjoying working on this quilt. I'd forgotten how much I love the slow pace of hand-quilting. The center is almost done--just have to finish the last quilting in the sashing. Then I'll do the border. Have decided to do a cable pattern for that (of course). I finished sewing the binding on yesterday. Sometimes I put on the binding before the quilting is done so I can mark the quilting on the outside border more accurately. Also, I used a black batting, which I love because it works best under black fabric--none of that bearding like a regular white cotton or poly batting would do--and it was making little fuzzy balls all over the quilt top and driving me crazy. So putting on the binding was a good way of stopping that. Do you ever put on your binding before the quilting is finished?

Sending warm wishes from sunny Jerusalem!