Friday, April 4, 2014

Some Signs of Spring

The weather is finally warming up here. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere. The fig trees are already covered with little figs. See those little knobs? (click on photo to get a better view)
It's good weather for the kids to play outdoors. Here are some of my grandchildren playing on the porch. They live right nearby and come over all the time. These are #2 and #4. Their mother always dresses the four little boys in matching outfits. Makes it easier to spot them all in a crowd. :)

When the weather started to get warmer, I got in the mood for a crisp-looking summery quilt. Even though I am only supposed to be working on UFOs, I went crazy and cut up some of the shirts in my collection and put this together. I love the combination of blue and white. Just so classic. (if you click on the picture you can get a good view of the shirts I used)

Spent a good part of the morning outside, just enjoying our balmy weather. When I came back in, I had to do something Spring-y. It didn't take too long to get one block made...

...and to slice it up.

Do you remember the Modified Bento Box Swap from a couple of years back? The finished quilts were a riot of color. They were made using a tutorial from Film in the Fridge. So easy, but with really fun results.
Beitar ladies, do you want to play along? We can make blocks and then swap the block quarters.
Let's do it! (after Pesach, of course)

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Quilting Corner said...

Sounds great to me. I loved your post today. Miss you.