Sunday, October 5, 2014

Getting Caught Up

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. September was a busy month, and there was little time for blogging. (Blog reading, yes. Blog posting, no.)
Part of what kept me busy in September was getting DD Menucha off to school. She came back from the States, where she worked for two months in summer camp, and we had a week to get her ready to go to school up north. This was a complete surprise to us, as she was supposed to be going to school here in Jerusalem. But there was a change of plans, and suddenly we had to get her all her books and clothes (and makeup) together and pack her up to go. She's been in school for a month now, and while it has been a big adjustment I think she is really loving it there.
She came home for a short weekend, and we ran lots of errands while she was here--more clothes shopping, new cell phone, etc. But the most exciting and beautiful part of it was on Saturday night, when she went to a local beautician and got her hair cut off. Her hair was all the way down her back, and it was time to cut it short! Menucha has donated her hair to the Zichron Menachem organization (similar to Locks of Love) four times already, and this will be the fifth. The beautiful hair was cut off, and what was left was styled...she now looks like a lovely 18 year old young lady.


Debbie said...

Lovely is right! Where is Menucha going to school? I can identify with the no posting issue, LOL!

Quilting Corner said...

She is a lovely young lady now. What a great style for her hair and such a great thing she did by giving up her hair. She is terrific. I hope she will have a great year.

Roxanne said...

Life keeps getting in my way too when it comes to blog posting. And what a beautiful young lady your daughter is.

Christine @ sew bossi said...

What an exciting time for Menucha! And the hair looks fabulous!