Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter is finally here!

Woke up to a cold Jerusalem morning. Snow mixed with rain was falling, and even Fester, our most intrepid cat, refused to go out in it. So I have stayed home from my quilting group today, and am puttering around the house, drinking tea and toasting slices of the sourdough bread I baked yesterday.
About two weeks ago, our granddaughter-in-law gave birth to identical twin boys in the 26th week. She has had a difficult recovery and was just released from the hospital last night. Baby #1 is not doing so well, and Baby #2 is progressing slowly. It is going to be a long haul. The babies are in a hospital up north, in the town of Safed, so we haven't seen them at all. My friend has a natural foods restaurant in Safed, so she is sending over good, nourishing food to our grandson and his wife, as are other people in the community there. Many prayers are needed for those babies!
My scrap bins were overflowing, so I decided to do a bit of de-scrapping and cut lots of 2.5" squares out of various scrap fabrics. I pieced them together following Lori Holt's Scrappy Crossroads tutorial. Most of the Scrappy Crossroads quilts I found online and on Instagram used white as the background fabric, but I had a nice piece of blue fabric that Etty gave me not long ago. I think it was actually from Rebecca, the long-arm quilter. It worked very nicely as a background. I made 6 blocks--they're a nice big 16" finished--and today I'm piecing a backing for it. Hopefully it will make a nice baby quilt for one of the twins when they are a bit bigger.
You can't see the whole quilt top, as I just hung it over the railing, but you can get the idea. I have to say that I used every kind of hideous fabric for this quilt, and I don't know where 90% of the fabrics came from. I'm telling you--I don't remember buying any of it! My friend Sara recognized some of the fabric as having been hers, some was definitely from the 1980s, and there may have been some really old feedsacks in there too. I think there were only a couple of fabrics I liked in there, but they look great all put together in a random scrappy way. That's the beauty of scrap quilting!
Well, I have to get back to my tea. Hope you are keeping warm, wherever you are!

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Quilting Corner said...

We all hope the twins are doing better at this time. Sorry we couldn't see you today at quilting. You were missed. No snow here in Betar.
This quilt is coming along well. It's great to use up those ugly fabrics.