Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On the Road Again (Florida)

Yes, I'm back with Mom and Dad in Florida again. I'll be here for one more week, then I travel to Baltimore, where I'll be for a week, and then back to Florida! The weather here is hot already.Yesterday temps were in the 90s here in Pembroke Pines.  I go out to run at 5:30 a.m., before the sun comes up. When I go out, it's already in the 70s, but it's better than going out later in the day when temps are really hot. The water in the pool is starting to warm up, and Mom says it will be swimming temperature soon.
The only problem with running in the dark is...the ducks. The ducks here are BLACK and they park themselves right  near the running path for the night. I'm always afraid I will step on a duck in the dark and I'll get bitten. But so far that hasn't happened. So far. I'm being really vigilant so I don't step on one. On Friday I saw a mother duck with 4 little ducklings, 3 black and one yellow. I wonder where the yellow one came from.
In my spare time, when I'm not busy playing Mah Jong or going to doctors with Mom and Dad, I've been working on my little hand-quilting projects. Three are finished already. I hope I brought enough with me to work on. There are 5 more to go.
Here's the first one:
This is only 9" square. The little Churn Dashes finished at 3".I love them! The pattern was in my favorite quilt magazine, Sew Scrappy, which I think only came out twice. There were so many good patterns in each one of them. I wish they would put out another issue. Does anyone out there remember that magazine besides me? Both cover quilts were by Kathie Holland, and they were amazing! 
Okay, I need to put on my running shoes and get out there! 

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