Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Some Little Quilties

I've been in Baltimore almost two weeks now. Getting some work done in the house, which I haven't been to in over four years. It's still quite cold here (unlike South Florida, where Mom tells me it was 91 degrees yesterday), and lucky for me, a friend gifted me with a coat she's no longer using. Am seeing lots of old friends, and even made a new quilting friend. This was the funniest story--we went to this family's house for lunch, and somewhere near the end of the meal I noticed a gorgeous bargello-style quilt hanging on the wall behind me. It looked so familiar--I had seen the same quilt on a blog years ago and corresponded a bit with the maker. Turned out this was the same lady! She gave me a tour of the house, and there were stunning quilts all over the place. Wow wow wow!

I'm still working on the little projects I brought along with me. Some are finished, but there are more to do. The Little Churn Dashes are finished. 

So is my Little Crumbs quilt. 
I love it when something can be made with the tiniest of leftovers!

I'll be in Baltimore until Sunday, when I go back to Florida for a couple of weeks. Then on to Detroit for a family-filled Passover week! 

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Gayle said...

Fun story about meeting the online friend - sounds like you're very busy and that's a GOOD thing, right? Enjoy!