Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sweet Pea Quilt

Have been traveling in the States, visiting with family. Spent a week with my parents in Florida, and now I'm in Baltimore. Going to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks to visit with my daughter and her family, and maybe I'll go up to Boston to see my sister and her husband.
Have mostly been taking care of sick family members, but they are all feeling better now. In my spare time (and while waiting for flights at the airport) I've managed to do a fair amount of hand stitching.

This was an adorable pattern from Kathleen Tracy.  Finished up the quilting and put on the binding in Baltimore.

Am in the process of sewing on the binding for another little quilt. Will post a picture of that one when it's finished.

Sending love to all my quilting ladies in Israel. I miss you all!

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