Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alone at last (almost)

Well, my DH went off on his business trip, and I am left here in this big house with my 11-year old daughter, Menucha (photo coming soon!). We watch movies, listen to audiobooks we download from the library, and make lots of popcorn. While she's at school, I keep busy. In the mornings, I am piecing my quilt tops on the machine. While we listen to audiobooks in the long evenings, I do some hand-quilting. Already finished my Simply Strippy (also known as a Lasagna Quilt), am 3 inches away from finishing the binding on a small Amish wallhanging I started years ago, and this morning, I got most of an Amish Strip Quilt pieced. So that's not too bad!

The weather here has been unusual. Winter is our rainy season, but we haven't had much rain to speak. January is usually quite cold, but it's actually been mostly pleasant. We hear that up north there has been snow, but none has reached us here in Jerusalem. Menucha (that poor little transplanted North American girl) wakes up every morning and runs to the window to see if there is anything white on the ground. But there never is. I feel so bad for her!

A little black cat has been coming onto our porch every day now, and we have been feeding it scraps and catfood. It's so cute. Today Menucha put out a furry little catnip mouse for it, and it had a great time playing. It took the mouse away, and later on in the day--brought it back to our porch! I guess he knew it belonged here.

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