Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another morning spent in bed. Yesterday I cooked for the weekend and cleaned up the house a bit, so today I was tired and had to rest up. But by the afternoon I was feeling better and got out of bed and spent some time with Menucha and we played some games and it was nice. She has taught Emmy to play Fetch. She rolls a Kleenex into a little ball and throws it across the room. Emmy runs after it, picks it up in her mouth, and brings it right back. And she will do this DOZENS of times. You just have to see this to believe it. I'm going to have to videotape it so you can see it.
Emmy is turning into a big cat now, so we've figured it's time for her to be spayed. So tomorrow is Emmy's big day at the vet. Our wonderful vet, Dr. Jacqueline, will come to the house in the morning to pick her up, and in the evening she'll bring her back. We love Dr. Jacqueline already--she's so good with animals--but especially now when I'm not supposed to go out, it's good to have a vet who will do door-to-door service.
Was able to do some Qi Gong today, first time since I got sick. I think that means my energy is increasing. Now if I can only get back to my running...

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