Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last night was the beautiful wedding of our oldest grandson. He married a lovely young lady from the southern part of Israel. OF COURSE , the Belle of the Ball was our daughter Menucha (left).
With Menucha in the photo is our granddaughter, Aviva, who is two years older than her. Since we live right near them and the two girls have pretty much grown up together, they are best friends!
My dear MIL was also with us at the wedding. This was the marriage of her first great-grandchild. Since she lost almost her entire family in the Holocaust, this is an especially very big thing for her--the continuation of her family into another generation. I pray that she will live to see many more happy events like this one.
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Miri said...

Congradulations!!!My best wishes to the happy new couple. The girls look wonderful...like they stepped out of a page from Lady Godey's Book or Peterson's.

Anonymous said...

The girls are beautiful and their dresses are beautiful,too. Did you make them? I've read several books about those that endured the Holocaust. I am always so broken hearted for the Jews that suffered so much!! In fact, as a family we are in the midst of reading one right now.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Jane (USA)

andsewitis Holly said...

Congratulations to your grandson and his bride. Those young ladies are gorgeous in those dresses. What a happy time.