Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage quilt top

We were browsing through antique shops in the San Juan Islands a couple of years ago, off the coast of Washington State, when I came across this lovely and unloved quilt top. Lovely because it really is, and unloved because 1) it had never been quilted, 2) it had some bad discoloration, and 3) they had it hanging outside in direct sunlight, which had faded the color in some areas. I think the block is Turkey Tracks. Somebody out there tell me if you know the correct name. All hand pieced, you should see the wonderful little stitches. One whole row was pieced in different fabrics, I guess they decided to add a row and had run out of the original fabrics. You can see it on the right.
I was going through a kind of low point in my life right around then, and for some reason I fell in love with this quilt top. I guess I felt some kind of kinship with it, and decided to make it mine. So here it is. It will never be quilted--not in good enough condition to quilt--but it has a Home, and it is most definitely loved.
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andsewitis Holly said...

Oh, I love how the extra row was added with different fabrics. Pretty quilt and found a good home in which to be loved.