Thursday, July 16, 2009

Block Centers

Twelve nice block centers all in a pile. All hand-pieced. Actually the stitches are a little large for my comfort, but so what? Somebody put in hours of work on this. I do have to say that the centers are not flat. Maybe they weren't ironed right. Will have to try to fix that.
I have a real soft spot in my heart for work that someone did by hand. I just imagine the time they put into it, the love that was expressed, and the sadness at leaving the project unfinished. Maybe this lady had to move far away, and knew that in her new place she would have no time for putting in more of these painstaking stitches. Even if I just put the pinwheels together, and maybe add some sashing and some borders, perhaps it will be a completion of what she had started, some sort of closure.
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Shanna said...

I love hand made pieces too. When my grandmother passed last month, i was given all of her quilting things. In the bottom of all of her material were 45 hand sewn blocks that are 12 1 inch squares hand sewn together. 6 of them were white, the rest were different greens to form a white cross. I cant bring myself to work with them yet, but i would like to at some point. SO i know what you mean about having a special place in your heart for hand made things :)

jaybird said...

i love the idea of finishing something that someone else didn't get the chance to finish...